Ocoya Review: AI Graphics + Content Software

Ocoya Review

You know that your social media channel is an integral part of your marketing strategy, but you are always struggling with the right words to say or the perfect image to post.

There are a lot of AI content and text generators out there, but what about one that does that, AND can create social media graphics and videos for you?

Today we will be publishing our Ocoya review, an all-in-one content marketing and social media publishing platform.

What is Ocoya?

Ocoya is a visual marketing planner that lets you create, post, and plan your digital content for maximum exposure using the power of AI.

With 10k+ templates and a built-in editor, you can easily create professional graphics in minutes. Plan your social posts for optimal exposure with Ocoya’s intuitive dashboard.

Stop wasting your time with cumbersome spreadsheets and tools, and use Ocoya to create, plan and publish your content at best times.

Ocoya also uses their own proprietary AI butler, Travis AI (compare to Jarvis AI / Boss Mode) which you are able to give any commands to and Travis will do or create what you ask!

How does Ocoya work?

With Ocoya, you can effortlessly create engaging text and graphics instantly, without having to worry about the content creation process.

You can quickly generate fresh ideas which are tailored to your audience niches and needs based on industry insights.

You know that it’s important to stay consistent with your posts for maximum customer engagement.

With this tool, you have more time – instead of spending hours looking for just the right visual to share, you can create them in no time at all!

What social media channels are supported?

Unlike other third party social media apps that only work on Facebook, Ocoya supports many of the other most popular social media networks too.

Ocoya is built to work on the following social media channels:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • TikTok

What can you do with Ocoya?

AI text creation

AI graphic creation

Social media post scheduling

Social media post analytics

Visual campaign planner

Trending hashtags & captions

Facebook & TikTok ad campaigns

Stock photo integration

Canva integration

GodMode – AI commands

Unlimited background removal

Unlimited AI text and graphic creation

Unlimited storage

Unlimited link shortening with Jubb.ly™

Unlimited scheduled posts

How much does Ocoya cost?

Depending on your content creation and social media publishing needs, Ocoya is available on multiple plans with varying prices.

The plans available are as follows:

  • Silver ($59/mo)
  • Gold ($149/mo)
  • Diamond ($719/mo)
  • Platinum ($1099/mo)

For a regular sized team (16 users) and only a few social media clients (25 total social profiles across 4 client workspaces), many users can get by on the Silver plan at $49/month.

By paying yearly, you can save 20% every month on your plan.

Use our Marketing With Robots link here and receive an additional 20% off on your plan purchase.

Ocoya also provides a 7-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

What are the restrictions on lower subscription tiers?

Most of the restrictions on the lower tier plans of Ocoya revolve around how many workspaces, social profiles, team members, and copy translations you get.

On a small team or a solo business, the lower tier plans will be perfect, as long as you don’t have more than 16 team members and don’t need to do more than 500 copy translations per month.

Why should I upgrade to higher plans?

If you have more than 4 social media clients, the Silver plan will not work for you. Stepping up to the Gold plan will give you 3x more workspaces for more clients (12 workspaces).

If you are a medium to large sized business with a large team and large client base, the Diamond and Platinum tier plans are going to be more beneficial to you.

Diamond and Platinum plans grant you access to:

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Branded / white-label reports
  • Private API upon request
  • 175 to 500 social profiles
  • 112 to 320 team members
  • 3,500 to 10,000 copy translations
  • 28 to 80 workspaces

Ocoya Review Conclusion – Is it worth it?


Ocoya is a top-tier all-in-one content marketing platform that really just blows the competition out of the water.

Not only is it affordable, but if you are running a single business (or a few), nothing else on the market comes close to this price point for all of the features you get.

Get eye-catching graphics and schedule your posts using insights and analytics quicker than ever.

Whether you need graphics, videos, text, ad copy, gifs, captions, hashtags or anything else, Ocoya can do that for you in a few clicks with the power of AI.

I would recommend this software to anyone who has to deal with content creation and social media publishing on a regular basis because it will save you tons of time and effort in the long run.