Article Forge Review: Bulk Article Generator Software

Article Forge Review - Bulk Blog Generator

While there are many different AI content writers out there, very few of them can create entire articles with just a few clicks.

Instead of having to carefully sculpt your blogs and completely guide the AI, you can use Article Forge to create an entire blog post up to 1,500 words from your criteria.

If you’ve been looking for a new AI software dedicated to blogging, read our Article Forge review to find out if it’s the right match for you.

How It Works

They call it Article Forge because that is literally what you’ll be doing with this software.

While it’s not the only 1-click blog generator out there, it does that and has some extra unique features to go along with it.

You tell the AI how long you want your article to be, if it should add subheadings, to add images and videos, and even internal links.

Article Forge can even be integrated with WordPress websites to post automatically to your blog.

Even better, you can drip-feed blog posts to your website daily to stay consistent without even giving more data.

Just choose your titles and let Article Forge do the hard work.

Once you click submit, you simply wait around 60 seconds and get back a fully completed article already made for you.

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Article Forge Features

Let’s get into some of the unique features that Article Forge provides.

Customize your article structure automatically

Choose your article length, and whether to add titles, subheadings, etc

Generating a new complete article is easy and just takes a little setup to make sure it comes out the way you want.

After you choose your article topic, or simply put in your main keyword, you’ll need to tell the software how you want the article structured.

Set your ideal article length, and let it automatically add titles and section headings for best results.

If you choose to not use subheadings, you’ll want to add in ‘sub-keywords’ which will give the AI guidance on subtopics to talk about.

Customize your article style automatically

Customize your article style with images, videos, links, and more

One of the most unique features that I have never seen in any other AI writer is the ability to add images and videos to generated articles automatically.

You can even have it insert links based on keywords to save you even more time.

Additionally, if you want to have multiple versions of a blog to use, you can integrate your WordAi account and have it create up to 10 different unique articles for you.

Bulk Article Generator

Article Forge Bulk Article Generator

Want to create several complete blog posts all at once?

Use the Bulk Article Generator to bust out tons of high-quality articles based on the keywords you choose.


Article Forge has a host of unique features that you can’t find in most (or any) other AI writers.

Let’s go over some of our favorites here.

Just a simple toggle button and you can let the AI find images, videos, and links and add them into your post.

What other AI blog post generator does this?

In my opinion, this is one of the most interesting features in Article Forge.

Post Directly to WordPress Blog

Connect your Article Forge account to your WordPress website(s) and then just send your posts straight there.

You can choose to let them publish automatically if you’re feeling dangerous, or you can make them drafts so you can finalize and edit them.

Even better, you can hire a virtual assistant to handle all of this for you and save tons of time.

Instant Article Rewriting in 1 Click

Combining Article Forge and Word AI to rewrite articles

When you connect a WordAi account to Article Forge, you can use your API key to automatically create and rewrite 10 unique versions of any article.

All articles you rewrite with WordAI pass Copyscape tests and are 100% unique and reusable across websites.

Click here to sign up for a WordAi account.

Choosing Your Article Length

There are 5 different article lengths to choose from when setting up your blog post with Article Forge:

  • Very Short (~50 words): Great if you just need a very small excerpt
  • Short (~250 words): A small paragraph of text
  • Medium (~500 words): A few paragraphs of text
  • Long (~1,000 words): The personal minimum for me to use when creating blog posts
  • Very Long (~1,500 words): My ideal length to create blog posts that rank in Google

When you choose long and very long lengths, the software will automatically toggle on to use subheadings.

This helps keep your AI on track in the article. You don’t need to worry about that for smaller pieces.

With other AI writing assistants, you are at the mercy of the software and have no choice in how long your content is unless you continue to put in more data and effort.

WordPress Post Scheduling

One of the most unique features to Article Forge is the ability to schedule posts to send to your WordPress website daily.

This is most effective on the unlimited plan, where you can have an article ready for you every day and not be worried about word counts.

If you’re not comfortable publishing an AI generated blog post automatically, you can simply send it as a draft to fine-tune later.

Just log into your site daily, optimize your blog post, and you’re done!


Honestly, Article Forge is a great software for writing blogs and articles with AI.

They stick to what they do and do it well.

If I had to search for any reasons why you should not buy (or at least try) Article Forge, it would probably only come down to a couple things.

Limited Additional Functions

Don’t expect Article Forge to have additional functionality like writing social media posts, ad copy, or other specialty use cases.

If you need a writer for putting together smaller pieces of information like product descriptions, lists, titles or others, you will need to use a software like Jasper, Rytr, or Bramework.

Pricey Unlimited Plan

While really not much more than other AI writers, Article Forge’s unlimited option is $117 per month.

However, it is much easier to create a full-length article at that price than with many competitors which require you to slowly create it with commands.


Article Forge Cost and Pricing Structure

The cost of Article Forge can vary greatly depending on what plan you choose, and whether you choose to pay monthly or up front for the whole year.

For larger agencies or affiliates making a good amount of money from writing their content, it’s a no-brainer to go with the Unlimited option.

If you choose yearly billing, you get 51% off the monthly cost. So for those investing long term, save 50% and just buy the annual plan.

The unlimited option is if you want to constantly drip-feed bulk articles automatically to your WordPress websites.

How Many Posts Can You Generate Per Month?

One of the best ways to calculate our costs will be to know how many complete articles we’ll be able to get from our subscription.

Let’s consider if we want to generate a bunch of 1,000 word blog posts (for simplicity’s sake).

  • Basic Plan – 25,000 words: 25 unique blog posts per month at $1.08 per post
  • Standard Plan – 250,000 words: 250 unique blog posts per month at $0.22 per post
  • Unlimited Plan – Infinite words: Infinite unique blog posts per month

If you are a solo content creator working with only one website, the basic plan should work for you and you can create almost one article per day

On the standard plan, you get 10 times the amount of blog posts which is perfect for marketers with bigger content needs.

Don’t want to worry about how many words you’ll use every month? Just go unlimited.

If you buy the yearly plan, you can cut all of those prices in half and get a much better value per dollar.

Review: Is Article Forge Worth It?

Article Forge is a 10 / 10 for creating complete long-form blog posts in bulk.

As a content creator, I love the idea of being able to create fully fleshed-out articles simply based on my topic / keyword and minimal input.

Picking the length of the article and letting the AI add images, videos, and links to my articles are an added bonus and time saver.

Then, I can simply have the software send what it generates as a draft in my WordPress site so that I can fine tune it and publish it as quick as possible.

Need a ton of posts at once? Just put in the title and you can get long-form blog posts in bulk.

Personally using the standard plan, I can safely say that Article Forge is worth the money.

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Hopefully this Article Forge review has given you some insight on whether it will work for you.

Please use my link to sign up to support me at no extra cost to you. Plus you get a 5 day free trial to take it for a test drive.