Wordplay AI Review: 1-Click Blog Generator Software

If you’re frustrated with the lack of time you have to write blogs and are looking for a solution, look no further.

Wordplay.ai needs just 1 click per post and has the ability to create blog posts and articles that are good enough to pass for human-written content.

The thing is, there are so many other AI content writers out there, is this one that much better?

If your primary use for an AI writer is blogging, you’ll want to read this Wordplay AI review before committing any time or money on other AI-based alternatives.

What is Wordplay AI 1-click blog writing software?

Wordplay AI is a 1-click blog writing software that helps you write more long-form blog posts faster than ever.

This software can help you quickly create tons of blog posts, press releases, eBooks, and more!

While other AI writing assistants may have more features and functions, what Wordplay does, it does well.

Let’s get into how exactly it works.

How to use Wordplay AI to write blogs instantly

Wordplay AI is by far the easiest way I’ve found to write blogs and articles.

With only very minimal guiding by providing the article title and inner headings, you just hit submit and get an entire article back.

The first thing that you’ll need to do is create an account on the site.

While there is no free trial, the lifetime deal starts at $99 and you can get a refund as long as you’ve generated under 5,000 words.

However, it’s worth it in the long run to have access to this software in the future.

After creating an account, it’s time to have the AI start writing.

You can start by clicking on the green “Create Content” button in your dashboard, which will take you to the “Create New Article” tab on the next page.

You will also need to decide what kind of article you would like to write. Informational and opinion-based articles will work best with AI.

Since there are multiple article generating modes in Wordplay, we will go over how to use each of them.

Single Article Mode

Creating a single AI blog post automatically from a title and subheadings

In the ‘Article Title’ box, put in a descriptive title that will explain what the article is about. The longer and more detailed, the better.

Move down to the ‘Article Sections’, and think about the outline of your blog. Break it down into detailed headings and subheadings.

Each heading you add into the article will provide around 150 words per section, but can be more or less.

Bulk Creation Mode

Bulk blog creation from a CSV file upload

Working with a team and would like full collaboration with your bulk AI blogging? Or would just like to work on your topics in a file?

Download the sample CSV file from the ‘Bulk Creation Mode’ tab and fill out the titles and subheadings for however many separate articles you’d like to create.

For every article you create, the software will pump out about 1,000+ words of unique, plagiarism-free text.

This is great for when you have collaborative needs or want to take the work off the website and spend more time on it.

AI Mode

Wordplay.ai - AI Mode Bulk Blog Generator

One of the newest and more unique functions of Wordplay is their AI Mode.

Using AI Mode, you can quickly create content in bulk by simply providing a detailed headline.

For example, I used 5 article topics that are general questions about plumbing, and Wordplay will output 5 separate blog posts at about 1,000 words each.

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Pros of Wordplay AI writing software

Luckily, there are a lot of benefits to using Wordplay.ai as your main blogging software.

Let’s go over some of the perks below.

Create 1500+ word articles with 1 click

You can use the automated tool in order to create your article.

In a matter of minutes, you will be able to produce an article that is over 1,500 words. To use this program, all you need to do is sign up and log in.

You will then decide what blog post you want to write, and the software will automatically generate a well-written piece of content for you.

The simple process makes it easy for anyone who wants to learn how to write better quickly and effectively.

Bulk Creation Mode: create multiple blogs from a template

Bulk AI-generated articles created from a single mouse click

Another advanced feature of this software is its bulk creation mode.

This allows you to create multiple articles and posts from a single template.

Simply download a spreadsheet, add your headings, and reupload it to Wordplay to get as many 1,000+ word blog posts as you put in.

AI Mode allows you to auto-generate many blogs at once in a single click

One of the best features of this software is that it allows you to generate multiple blog posts at once in mere seconds.

There is nothing else out there that will let you crank out this quantity of fully completed AI-generated articles.

You simply provide as many detailed titles as you can, and Wordplay will create a new unique 1,000+ word article for each title.

With this kind of power, you can build up a years worth of blog posts in a single day and quickly increase your website’s authority. Or just drip-feed your content throughout the year and not have to touch it for a while.

This feature alone should be a reason to pick up the lifetime deal for Wordplay.ai.

High-quality AI generated text

If you’ve used other AI writing software in the past, you’ll know that the output is not always perfect.

However, Wordplay seems to have a higher quality output upon generation and the AI stays on topic much better than some others we’ve tested in the past.

Using the single article generator will give you more control over steering the AI since you can pick the headings, however the bulk article creators do an amazing job with minimal guidance.

Lifetime deal options

Wordplay AI Lifetime Deal Pricing

One of the biggest perks of Wordplay.ai is that they offer Lifetime Deals (LTDs).

This means that you can only pay once and use this software for years to come.

After you’ve chosen your deal and checked out, your word count will replenish every single month – forever.

In a world full of subscriptions to use all of the different types of software we need in the digital marketing space, purchasing a software for a 1-time payment is a breath of fresh air.

Simple, Easy-to-Use UI

Instead of bogging you down with a bunch of functions and extra pages to click through to create your blog, Wordplay keeps it simple.

You have your dashboard that holds your completed generated articles, and a simple ‘Create Content’ button.

Creating that content is as simple as clicking on the button, putting in a headline and subheadings, and then clicking submit.

In under a minute, you can have logged in and generated a 1,000+ word article.

WordPress Plugin for Direct Importing

Upload AI generated articles to your WordPress website with the plugin

If you have a website that is hosted on WordPress, you will be happy to know that you can import your automatically generated content into your site easily.

Download the free and included Wordplay AI WordPress plugin from your account dashboard and upload it to your site.

Now, you can simply download the articles in your Wordplay dashboard using the “Download as Title/HTML body” button and upload that file to the plugin.

Lifetime deal for 1-click blog posts

Get Lifetime Access to Wordplay.ai

Cons of Wordplay AI writing software

Wordplay.ai is different because they focus on one thing: 1-click blogs and articles.

This comes with some drawbacks when comparing Wordplay to other AI writers on the market.

Let’s go over the negative parts of Wordplay.ai.

Pricier than some competitors

The price of this software is slightly more expensive than some competitors.

While you may get less words per dollar than some other software like Jasper, Rytr, or Bramework, you will save much more time with Wordplay.ai.

However, you’ll also need to consider that you are working with lifetime deals, instead of monthly subscriptions.

Instead of having to constantly create new blocks of text or try to steer your AI writer to put out what you want as with competitors, you just put in your headings and get high quality content.

A 1,500+ word blog post can be built in Wordplay in mere minutes, which in some cases can be 10x quicker than competing software.

Less time wasted constructing blog posts is money in the bank to me.

Less Functions

Limited text generation options for Wordplay AI software

As mentioned earlier, Wordplay.ai has less functionality than other AI writing assistants, as it specializes in creating the entire blog post instantly.

There is no long-form editor, no separate use cases, no choosing your writing tone, etc. You won’t be writing ad copy or automatically generating social media posts with this software.

You get 3 options for creating full-length pieces of content and that’s it.

If you are in the digital marketing space, you may find some of those extra functions others offer pretty important.

You could consider pairing Wordplay.ai with another software with extra functionality, like Rytr, Jasper, or Bramework.

If you are buying a lifetime deal of Wordplay, then you would still only have 1 subscription to worry about.

Word Count Limits

If you are producing a lot of content every month, you may find the word count limits and pricing to be pretty tough.

And if you’ve used any other AI article generators before then you know that not all of it is going to be usable.

The good part is that you are getting fully completed articles that just need some tweaking, instead of having to fully construct 1500+ word blog posts from scratch.

Your word count will also replenish every month on the lifetime deal, so if you can, you can just wait out your limits.

On the lowest lifetime deal plan, you can spend $99 one time and be able to instantly create ~5 – 8 1,000+ word blog posts every month without spending another dime.

Know how many blogs you’ll need per month? Think ahead, invest in the right plan, and you can save hours and hours of precious time.

What makes Wordplay AI different from competitors?

Fully generated articles from a single click make Wordplay more advanced than competitors

There is no other AI writer on the market that offers 1-click blog posts that produce 1,500+ words in mere seconds like Wordplay.

Not only for single blog posts, but you can create 1,000+ word articles in bulk using their AI Mode article creator.

These are invaluable for growing an information website, affiliate site, or business blog quickly and cost efficiently.

Considering that you’d be paying a writer $100 – $200 per 1,000+ word blog post, you will save so much time and money instantly generating blog posts and tweaking them a little yourself.

Want more words per month to be able to generate? Simply upgrade your lifetime plan, you pay one time, and have access to however many blog posts per month without paying anything extra.


Wordplay AI is a great tool for bloggers and writers who want to create articles extremely quickly with higher-quality content than other AI writers.

Wordplay AI is different from other competitors because they offer lifetime deal options, flexibility in their pricing and a great AI generated text that makes it easy to write blogs.

Hopefully this Wordplay AI review helped you make a decision.

We bought the Lifetime Deal for Wordplay.ai and created this blog post in 1 click! It just took a little extra time editing and getting images.

So do we recommend Wordplay.ai? Yes!

Lifetime deal for 1-click blog posts

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