Bramework Review: SEO Optimized Blogging with AI

Bramework Review: AI text and blog generation for SEO

Bramework’s AI-powered writing assistant can write long-form, high-quality content automatically. Get the benefit of a full-time writer, without the cost or time commitment.

Already have your content ideas? Great!

Bramework’s AI writing assistant is ready to generate content for you with just one click. All it takes is 5 minutes to generate 1,000 words of high-quality original copy tailored specifically for that topic.

Priced affordably starting at just $9 for your first 10,000 words, Bramework has a pricing structure for all types of writing needs.


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Let’s dive into our Bramework review and go over how this AI SEO writing software can benefit your websites and businesses.

What is Bramework?

SEO optimized blogging with AI is a hot new trend that has been gaining momentum in recent years. This type of content writing is made possible by the use of Artificial Intelligence tools, like Bramework.

The main purpose of SEO optimized blogging with AI is to make sure that your content gets ranked on search engines. It also helps to generate more traffic for your website which can lead to more conversions and higher ROI.

For businesses, this type of content writing can be a great way to improve their online presence without having to spend much time writing and save money by not needing as many $150+ articles written.

For less than the cost of one SEO optimized article, you can pay for a Bramework subscription and create 10s or even hundreds of SEO optimized blog posts.

The Bramework Formula for SEO Blogging

The company behind the software consists of digital marketers and bloggers with years of experience testing different formulas for blog titles, keyword research, meta titles and descriptions and more.

In their search for an effective and cost-efficient way to get more visitors from search engines, they found the perfect formula that they were able to use to grow multiple websites from no visitors to hundreds of thousands per month.

The team then took this formula and created a software able to do it all for you, largely automated by AI.

By following their formula (which is built into the software itself), you can take your own websites and grow them using successful, SEO optimized blog posts.

Bramework Functions & Features

Since Bramework is a long-form SEO blog generator, all of it’s functions are focused on being able to write amazing blogs that rank in Google.

If you are an agency or a content writer that spends a lot of time and money creating blog posts for your own websites or even for your clients, Bramework is definitely a great tool to add to your content marketing toolbelt.

Here are some of the features that are included in a Bramework subscription:

  • Depending on your plan, you can have an allotment of 10,000 AI generated words to unlimited on the Agency plan
  • 1 – 8 user seats, helpful for multiple writers or team members to use
  • Unlimited projects on all plans
  • Built-in AI writing assistant, similar to Jasper (previously Jarvis) and Rytr
  • AI blog title generator
  • AI blog outline generator
  • Automatic list article generator
  • AI rewriting functions
  • AI article summarizer
  • Automatic image alt text generator
  • Recommended keywords to rank your article
  • Unlimited keyword research
  • Website keyword ranking tool and rank tracker
  • Built-in plagiarism checker
  • Copywrite free images to use in your blog posts
  • WordPress integration
  • Option to export as HTML, PDF, TXT, or DOCX

What makes Bramework better than other AI writers?

Bramework has some great unique features that no other AI writing assistants have currently, and definitely nothing available in a single software at this price-point that is as SEO focused.

Keyword Analyzer

Bramework keyword analyzer review

The built-in keyword analyzer allows you to put in any keyword, and view the following information, ranked by low, medium, and high:

  • Volume – to help you gauge potential clicks and value from a search term
  • Competition – to show you how tough the competition is for this term
  • Difficulty – to help you understand how difficult it might be to rank for this keyword
  • Results / SERP – quickly view how many results are counted in the SERP to see how much competition you have
  • Trends – discover when your keyword is searched most, and find seasonal keywords

Image Finder

Use the built-in image finder tool to find a relevant stock photo to quickly include on your blogs.

No blog is complete without imagery, and Bramework saves you the step of finding the right image on separate websites or having to create your own.

Alt Text Generator

Grab your image with the image finder and Bramework can automatically include the correct alt text to add to your images to help increase the SEO value of your article.

Sure, you could add alt text by yourself, but why bother when you can have it done automatically with Bramework?

SEO Analyzer

Bramework offers an SEO analyzer tool built in to their software, similar to offerings like SurferSEO. Except without needing a separate subscription software product.

Use the SEO analyzer in Bramework as a checklist to ensure you have:

  • Keyword in title
  • Keyword in introduction
  • Keyword in headings
  • Keyword density
  • Title length
  • Image alt text

Making sure all of your blog posts meet these requirements is a quick and easy way to have the best chance at ranking for your particular keyword.

Without this function, you would have to take your article and input it into another paid software like SEMrush or SurferSEO to get the same information.

SEO Blog Outlines

Bramework blog outline generator review

While other AI writing assistant software may have different ‘outline’ tools to use, none of them return the quality of outlines that Google has grown to expect in the search engines.

After using many other AI outline generators, Bramework is the only one that comes back with headings that can actually move the needle in Google without huge alterations.

SEO Blog Title Generator

Bramework’s title generator ticks all the boxes of a great SEO title that ranking software and Google are looking for.

Great how-to style titles, titles that include numbers, ultimate guides, power words, and positive / negative sentiments included like plugins such as RankMath will calculate your score on.

Limitations of Bramework software

Bramework specializes in blogging specifically.

Unlike other AI writing software that tries to do everything, Bramework is dedicated to long-form blogging with SEO in mind.

While software like Jasper (formerly Jarvis) or Rytr will have many different use cases you can use, such as Facebook posts, ad copy, song lyrics, and more, Bramework does not do all of that.

If you need a software that can solve ALL of your different content writing needs, you may need to look elsewhere.

However, if you are strictly focusing on long-form blogging for SEO, with keyword research and SEO optimization included, look no further than Bramework.

How much does Bramework cost?

The cost of Bramework depends on your writing needs.

If you are a solo entrepreneur or writer who is needing a top tier blogging assistant, a great starting price point is in the ‘Basic: $9 / mo’ and ‘Starter: $29 / mo’ plans.

Bramework AI pricing

That will get you 1 – 2 user seats and 10,000 to 40,000 words respectively. It’s important to keep in mind that not all of the words generated by AI will be able to be used. Sometimes you will get garbage, and that’s just a fact.

You can’t avoid this with any AI writer available, the technology is not there.

We are huge fans of the unlimited word generation plans on any AI writing software, and Bramework is no different. Under the ‘Agency’ plan, you pay $119 per month, but get 8 user seats and UNLIMITED AI word generation.

With the Agency plan, you have the ability to have an entire team working at pumping out infinite blog posts non-stop and have them all SEO optimized before they even leave the platform.

You can even start a 7 day trial for free to test the software for yourself.


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Bramework Review: 10/10 for long-form SEO blogging with AI

Bramework is a 10/10 for long-form SEO blogging with AI. The platform is easy to use, the team behind it is very helpful, and they are constantly improving the software and adding more to their roadmap.

It has a lot of features that can help you write articles in a more efficient way and keep the output quality high, without having to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for a top tier SEO-focused article.

This is truly a revolutionary software for growing your websites and blogs using a proven SEO-optimized writing framework, and all at a reasonable price.

Hopefully this Bramework review has given you little more insight on how effective this AI SEO software can be used for marketing your business with long-form content creation.

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