Best AI Tools for Marketing Your Business Online – Free and Paid Options

Best AI tools for marketing online

I have worked with AI software for many years now, and I know firsthand how overwhelming it is to try to choose the right stuff.

With so many options, it can be difficult to know which tools are best suited for your business needs. That’s why I’ve put together this list of the best AI tools for marketing your business online that are available on the market today.

Just click on a tool to learn more or get access immediately. Each link opens in a new tab.

Content Writing

Here are all of the absolute best, top-ranking AI content writing tools.

Many of them have free trials or extra bonuses you can use by accessing them exclusively from these links.

Jasper AI#1 best all-in-one content writing tool.Get tool
Rytr#2 all-in-one and most affordable option.Get tool
Hypotenuse AIBest fully guided AI content generatorGet tool
WordplayBest for 1-click blog posts for lifetime dealGet tool
Article ForgeBest for 1-click blog posts in a subscription modelGet tool
Word AIAutomatically rewrite any article or pageGet tool
BrameworkSEO focused content guide and AI writerGet tool
EmboldenEcommerce-focused AI writing for online storesGet tool
AISEOArticle writer and rewriter with Chrome extensionGet tool
ScalenutPlan, research, create, & optimize AI contentGet tool
AnywordInstantly generate copy for ads, emails, landing pages, and contentGet tool

Graphic Design

Here are the best AI graphic design tools available.

Create any image you can imagine just by describing it.

Some are free, some you need to buy credits for, and some require subscriptions.

DALL-E 2Best AI graphic generator from direct from OpenAIGet tool
Midjourney#2 all-in-one and most affordable option, use through DiscordGet tool
Stable DiffusionBest guided AI content generatorGet tool
Jasper ArtUses OpenAI and combines with Jasper subscriptionGet tool

Social Media

Here are the best social media content creators and post generators available.

Create graphics, posts, hashtags, videos, and more just by giving the software a prompt of what you want to write about!

Predis.aiAll-in-one post creator; text, images, posterGet tool
RapidelyWrite engaging posts with done-for-you ideasGet tool
OcoyaCreate graphics, post copy, hashtags, and ideasGet tool
FlikiCreate social media videos with realistic AI voiceoversGet tool
Simplified.coGenerate headlines, captions, logos, videos & moreGet tool

Search Engine Optimization

If you want to rank in Google and Bing with AI-generated content, you’ll need to combine your writing tools with at least 1 SEO tool.

Each piece of software has it’s own perks and benefits.

Feel free to test out each different tool, as just about all of them will have a free trial you can use.

SEMrush#1 SEO software available, complete suite of toolsGet tool
MangoolsClose #2 SEO tool, newer, modern suite of toolsGet tool
FraseBudget friendly article outline & optimizerGet tool
Surfer SEOBest keyword-to-content tool – know which KWs to useGet tool
OutrankingAI writer, content strategy, marketing, & automation suiteGet tool
SheerSEOAnalyze keywords, backlinks, and site healthGet tool

AI Video Creation

Here is the list of tools you can use to create videos with AI.

These can be for YouTube, TikTok, sales, advertisements, and more.

Have your scripts written by AI, voiced by AI, built by AI, and even use AI ‘actors’!

SynthesiaCreate AI videos with real looking people in 120 languagesGet tool
FlikiTurn text into videos with AI voices and stock photosGet tool
OffeoCreate infinite high quality video ads in secondsGet tool

AI Chatbots

Here are the best AI chatbots available to consumers as of now.

Create a customer support chatbot, or your own version of ChatGPT that can be made for your business.

Social NowaLead gen, sales, customer support chatbotGet tool
LiveChatFull-service chat, balance of automation and human touchGet tool
ChatBotFull-service chat, focused on AI and automationGet tool
MonkeyChatAI chat plus automatic like & comment on social mediaGet tool

Other AI Tools

These tools are more focused on miscellaneous tasks like scraping websites, downloading data, turning websites into APIs, site monitoring, etc.

While this category requires more experience or an increased learning curve, the possibilities are endless.

Have AI perform all your tedious tasks and save yourself time. Those who are dedicated enough can save themselves hours of work per day.

BrowseAITrain a robot to do your work in 2 minutes with no coding requiredGet tool

This list is still being updated frequently as new great AI-based products emerge.

Thank you for viewing this list of the best AI tools for marketing, and I hope you were able to find valuable software to grow your website or business.